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Premium Sucuk -Mild- (sujuk,sojuk) – Turkish recipe, Halal casing

  • Halal, Turkish recipe,
  • Halal casing, the only halal casing sujuk in Canada
  • Turkish recipe
  • Store brand
  • Kept in fridge, delivered to GTA same day and shipped to outside of Toronto only during cold seasons, Made in Canada, Halal
  • usually around 450 gr
  • Sucuk (or soudjouk, sujuk) is a popular spicy Turkish sausage made with ground meat and unique spices including cumin, fenugreek, garlic, sumac and red pepper. It is one of the most common items in the Turkish cuisine, especially for breakfast. You can serve sucuk alone or with eggs and crusty bread for breakfast, or add it to white bean stew just like Turkish pastirma. Sucuk is also a delicious topping for pizza.


  • Storage Conditions: Keep refrigerated between 35°F – 39°F (2°C – 4°C)
  • Packaging Details: Easy open vacuum pack
  • Product of Ikbal, a leading soujouk brand in Turkey
  • Produced in USA


Halal food. Delivered to GTA same day, and shipped to outside of Toronto only during cold season