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Turkish Gift basket ready made (Large)

We deliver, great value in content, consisted of unique mostly Turkish products and please remember we specialize in Fine food for Good price. 1lt Olive oil, 830gr tomato paste, 300gr jam, 500 gr Turkish coffee, 400gr ready to eat can such as fried eggplant etc, 700gr green olives jar Ikram brand, Sesame Peanuts 180g, Pumpkin seeds 180g, 500gr spaghetti, asparagus cream soup powder 40gr, Revani dessert powder 240gr, ice cream powder 75gr, 454gr Turkish Delight Sener brand pistachio mix fruit, 250ml olive oil hand cream, 170gr olive oil daphne soap, 60gr halal chocolate,  500ml Orchid liquid soap, Halal cookies 500gr Hacizade brand, Ulker chocolate sandwich cookie, Tahini 360gr,  400gr Stuffed Vine leaves,  400g Stuffed Cabbage leaves.